Raw Material

Raw Material

We stock up to 5000 Stainless Steel PVD Sheets for our Transition Profiles, ensuring prompt delivery. Our finished stock certifies the quality before reaching clients. Effective inventory management enables us to provide professional service and high-quality materials.

Latest Machinery

Latest Machinery

Our Stainless-Steel Decorative U patti, Inlays, and Trims are created using advanced cutting technology, precise V grooving machines, and a 7-axis press brake by Amada. These modern manufacturing methods guarantee high accuracy and quality in our products.

Handling and Packing

Handling and Packaging

With a supervised handling system, we prioritize accurate dimensions, strict safety procedures, and flawless product delivery. Quality and safety are our top priorities in serving our customers.

PVC Films

PVC Films

Decorative Stainless Steel PVD Coated T patti are protected with Double Layer Protective films. The first Protective film is “Novacel Make” Laser Protective of 70 microns and the Second Protective film is of high quality with 30 microns.

Product Application

T patti can be used in Interior Decoration, Exterior Decoration, Floor Inlays, as a joinery between two different materials.

Double Protective Film

There are double protective films:

  • 1st film: Nova Cell, 70 microns Laser Film
  • 2nd film: 30 microns Film

Value Addition

In our value addition the surface treatment that we use is with minimum order quantity 1000 pieces.

  • AFP: Anti-Finger Print
  • Anti-Scratch | Anti-Bacterial | Optical Coating